September 1, 2021

The story of Knut Hansen Gin is one of these fun collaborative projects: we met Kasper, a gin lover from Germany a few years ago, back when he had a dream to launch a gin brand. About a year later he visited us in SA again and had brought his dream to life: he had launched a gin brand from Hamburg.

It was going really well for him and his partner Martin, and he had dreams of distributing it in South Africa (as an excuse to spend more time here). A few visits and conversations later and a unique project was born: we would distil a South African version of the German gin and sell it here in South Africa for them.

The gin is bottled in a beautiful ceramic bottle and is available online from our website. And on the back of the bottle you will see the boat of legendary sailor Knut Hansen, leaving Hamburg and arriving in Cape Town!

Watch this space for news of an even more exciting collaboration with the team from Knut Hansen Gin … and an exciting competition we’re launching alongside it.